Embracing Change; Yes to New Friends

Embracing Change; Yes to New Friends

"Socializing became this anxiety inducing experience all because my drink choice had changed." Nyina 

Choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle is a courageous decision that often brings about profound personal growth and transformation. However, along with this journey can come changes in friendships and social circles, changes that you never anticipated.
Acknowledging Loss and Change
Without the booze connection some friends may not understand or support your
decision, leading to a sense of loss or distance.
I've learnt that it's important to recognize and honor these feelings and grieve the loss, understanding that prioritizing your well-being is a crucial step towards living authentically.

Finding Understanding and Support
Surrounding yourself with individuals who respect and uplift your journey is essential. Seek out friends who embrace your lifestyle change and together carve out your new normal, expressing your boundaries, needs, and reasons for making this change.

For example seek out restaurants and bars that offer alcohol alternatives on their menus, or join the party but leave early if they choose to stay longer. 

Redefining your relationship will help strengthen connections with those who genuinely care about your well-being and only through honest conversations can you deepen connections based on shared values. 

Embracing New Connections and Activities
The hardest moments occur several months later on those Friday evenings, or Sunday brunch hours when in the past your obligatory meet up would happen, when the real FOMO kicks in, when you realise you were not invited out. 

It's crucial to explore new interests and activities that can introduce you to like-minded individuals who align with your sober lifestyle, fostering new relationships and a new crew to hang out with.

At NoliQ, we offer sober travel, a great way to meet new people and be transformed through travel and exposure to new cultures and people. 

Finding new activities will give you a chance to find that inner child again, explore an old passion, develop your creativity or find a new challenge to complete.

And because drinks ARE the glue that connect us at social gatherings, make this your time to explore all the amazingly delicious non-alcoholic drinks out there, from spirit alternatives to botanicals, to adaptogen, or THC infused drinks.
Check out our blog post where we cover the world of N.A. And to start you off try our Amarettto Sawa- our platinum winner for its nutty almond, velvety caramel and maraschino cherry sweetness. 


 Celebrate your achievements and milestones along the way, acknowledging the positive impact of your decision on your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Embrace those moments of clarity, resilience, and newfound perspectives. 

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