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Why Noliq

At NoliQ, we're all about unlocking your true potential, celebrating your success, and embracing an unapologetic, alcohol-free lifestyle.

We see a world where the beverage industry gets a much-needed shake-up.

We envision a bold, sassy revolution that breaks free from the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary.

Picture a future where non-alcoholic drinks take center stage, captivating taste buds with their audacious flavors and unapologetic flair, redefining what it means to enjoy a drink.

Our vision is to create a world where non-drinkers and those craving an alcohol-free option are the VIPs of any gathering and can raise their glasses to a healthier, more exhilarating and fulfilling lifestyle, and that taste buds dance like nobody's watching.

Our founder

A physician, triathlete, and trainer walked into a bar, and turned into a mixologist ready to shake up the world of NA drinks.

Kenyan born and raised, she draws inspiration from her rich African culture and is on a roll to inspire and advocate for healthier lifestyle choices.

"Sophisticated, classy, drinks-no-drama, made with lots of love, for everyone to share".

 -Nyina  xoxo

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Our Story

Once upon a time a vibe was created...

By two sexy badasses frustrated with the poor selection of alcohol-free drinks. While freestyling to a beat at home, they created delicious BOOZE-LESS cocktails with herbs and spices, some sweet with honey, others remixed bitter as lime.

The result an epic night with added bonus of 100% mental clarity, pure connections and a wild idea ignited...

Nyina, the founder inspired by the magic of an alcohol-free lifestyle, made it her mission to create awareness on NA drinks, so others too could share in the unexpected treasures of alcohol-free living.

She became a mixologist, bought a mobile bar and served her creations at many events. The number one question she was asked after being blown away by the taste was "do you package these?"

(Motivated by you, we listened, went to the lab and worked tirelessly).

Here's a gift to you: mind-blowing alcohol-free cocktails, bold in flavor and low in calories aligning with your vibrant, health conscious lifestyle. Infused with essential vitamins to fuel your ambitions and energize your pursuits.

Here's a toast to your ambitions, accomplishing all your goals, and achieving as many milestones, all without a drop of alcohol.

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