“Finding my Sober Voice”: Navigating the 'Why Aren't You Drinking?' Question.

“Finding my Sober Voice”: Navigating the 'Why Aren't You Drinking?' Question.

Navigating Social Situations: What to Say When You're Not Drinking

I was at a dinner party the other night, and for some reason I couldn’t bring myself to tell the lady besides me I did not drink. She kept insisting, “even just a little” and after the third offer I simply gave her my wine glass which she happily filled.

I accepted the glass back, placed it right back on the table, and watched my wine sit idle the entire night. Thankfully she never asked again. And thankfully I never once felt inclined to take a sip.

I realized the following day, my hesitation to telling her I do not drink, was because I knew there would be a follow up question to my reply, and I knew on this particular night, decked out in my matte red lipstick, 6 inch red bottoms, super sexy jump suit I did not have the bandwidth to explain.


Choosing not to drink, whether it's a temporary choice or a lifestyle change, often leads to questions from friends, family, or acquaintances. "Why aren't you drinking?" is a query many have faced. While the reasons for abstaining from alcohol are personal and varied, it can sometimes be challenging to navigate such conversations. If you're looking for the perfect response, this guide will provide you with polite and confident ways to answer that all-too-familiar question.

Understanding the Shift Towards Alcohol-Free Choices

The movement towards mindful consumption has grown significantly in recent years. More individuals are prioritizing their mental and physical well-being, leading many to reduce or eliminate alcohol from their lifestyles. But societal pressures or mere curiosity can sometimes place non-drinkers in the spotlight.

Polite and Assertive Responses

  1. The Simple Decline: "I'm good, thanks!" This straightforward response often suffices.

  2. Health Choices: "I'm focusing on my health right now."

  3. Personal Preference: "I've just been enjoying not drinking lately."

  4. Early Morning Ahead: "I have an early start tomorrow, so I'm taking it easy tonight."

  5. Being the Driver: "I'm driving tonight, so no drinks for me."

Tips for Handling Persistent Inquirers

  • Stay Confident: Remember, your choices are valid, regardless of others' opinions.

  • Deflect with Humor: Light-hearted jokes can change the topic and ease tension.

  • Be Honest: If comfortable, share your reasons. Authenticity is often appreciated.

The Benefits of Not Drinking

Beyond navigating social situations, it's essential to remember the perks of not drinking:

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Enhanced mental clarity

  • Better physical health

  • Savings on beverage expenses


Choosing not to drink is a personal decision, and answering related questions should be empowering rather than daunting. With the rise in alcohol-free choices and a growing appreciation for diverse lifestyles, there's never been a better time to confidently embrace your decision.

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